Interviewed by The Action Elite fan site!

I was recently interviewed by the action fan site THE ACTION ELITE, here’s a preview below, read the whole she-bang HERE

Can you tell us a bit about your “Dead Shadows” project?

DEAD SHADOWS is the brainchild of director David Cholewa and screenwriter Jules Vincent. I have a lead in it and am very excited about the role. The part is one that embraces my “typecast”: strong, tough, no bull, etc.  You’ll get to see me kick lots of ass! It’s a terrific script; a mix of THE THING, DEMONS 2 and NIGHT OF THECOMET. It will also mark my first time acting in French from France… should be interesting. 🙂

Can you tell us what it was like working on 100 Feet with Famke Jansen and Michael Pare?

I was nervous working with Famke as she popped my cherry in the “acting a full scene with a star” department. But now it’s out of the way. I pulled through and am happy with my performance. Famke was very professional, she didn’t talk much in between takes…she was very focused, a ying to my sack of nerves yang. As for Mike Pare, we didn’t have any scenes together, but I enjoyed hanging with him on set, in lounges and learned from watching him work (he’s very talented).

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