Interviewed by blog Movie Haven!

I was recently interviewed by the Movie Haven blogwhere I talked about the site, past projects, films, and future projects (like Dead Shadows). Read an excerpt from the interview below and dive into the whole she-bang HERE

Looking back to your start in Film and Acting School, does it ever surprise you that you made a name for yourself running a horror website?

Not sure surprise would be the term; but yeah that wasn’t part of the master plan. You have to understand that since I was a kid; I knew what I wanted to do; act in and make films. I never changed my tune; that was IT! So I went to film school, I then went to acting school and after that I was working as a script doctor for local production companies while doing the audition rounds in my home town of Montreal, Canada.  Then the site came at me out of left field; I started it as a goof and next thing you know, it got popular and I got known for it.

On that, to this day I don’t consider myself to be a journalist or a critic; just some asshole that knows how to write and that shares his opinion on his website with whoever reads it… that’s it!  Over the course of 10 years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Arrow in the Head; grateful that it brought so much to my life, but yet resentful that it took me off course as to my “game plan”. I’ve had a lot of “What if AITH didn’t happen, where would I be today?” moments in the past; but now, after a long tug of war with it, I’ve finally made peace with it. This is where I am, this is what I got, nobody but myself is stopping me from what I want next, onward and forward!

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