Fangoria and I sit down and talk The Shelter!

FANGORIA recently interviewed me about my directorial debut THE SHELTER, starring Michael Pare, here’s an excerpt and read the whole thing HERE.

“THE SHELTER is a bit of a genre bender in the sense that it’s a horror film, a mystery, a character study, a mindf*ck, a spiritual journey and much more, all at the same time. It has a lot of layers to it, and if I go by the folks that have read the screenplay thus far, most get something different out of it, which was my intent,” proclaims Fallon. “Although THE SHELTER sports familiar elements, such as a creepy house, unexplained happenings etc., it goes much further than that thematically and has a fairly unpredictable chain of events. To give you an idea: one of our key locations is a frozen lake, draped in snow. So it’s much more than a dude trapped in a spooked house movie.”

As I say every time,  I grew up on Fango, so it is always an honor when they cover one of my projects!

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