Hope that I will see Trance someday! A new review surfaces!

When you write a screenplay and somebody buys it off you, you lose control of the project. But that doesn’t change the amount of hours, days and months you put in to create the thing in the first place. And yes even though it is out of your hands, you have no say and changes were made to it without your consent… you still feel a sense of ownership. Well I do anyways. And that’s what’s been happening with me and good old TRANCE, a script I wrote a lifetime ago, which was bought from me and shot in 2007 (starring Dominique Swain, Jeremy London, Brea Grant, Madeline Zima and Jessica Heap) and then vanished off the map.

Nobody behind the production ever let me know what happened with the project, nobody has ever sent me a screener of the finished film and I have no idea where the film is at now. But I haven’t given up on seeing it someday. Now and again, I look it up online and I recently found a couple of people saying they saw it On Demand either via Time Warner of Fearnet this year. So at least I now know it’s still out there. So if you’re reading this and you have access to the film, shoot me an e-mail at john.h.fallon@gmail.com and hook the screenwriter up! On that, here’s the latest review I found for it.

“Just say no to drugs” does not apply.
Author: Samurai1406 from United States 5 September 2013
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was searching for movies On Demand one night and found this one. It seemed interesting and I decided to check it out. Four friends are picking out their Halloween costumes, when they’re invited to a rave by a very beautiful girl named Laura, played by Dominique Swain. Laura gives them a drug that turns them into psychotic killers. The drug only works on women though. There’s not much else to the story. If there is, I won’t spoil anything (not that there is anything interesting to spoil anyway).

I just think that things could have been better, such as added depth. The acting was mediocre. That, along with a lot of the scenes were just dull. From the way the killings were executed, I figure that they were trying to mimic what was in Zombie Strippers, only without people turning into zombies. Despite how dull most of the movie was, I actually think it’s worth seeing. Is it decent to watch around Halloween if you have nothing to do? Yes. Is it an Oscar winner? Not even close.

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