Trance finally sees the light of day on Amazon Prime

New poster (left) – old poster (right).

In 2007, I sold a script called TRANCE – my take on a Night of the Demons type of horror party, one that was set at a rave, cause at the time, I was knee deep in the scene and they were trendy. The film was shot that same year (starring Dominique Swain, Brea Grant and Jeremy London) and then POUF… nothing. Been trying to see it ever since.

Over the years TV Spots and Trailers surfaced, the film got brief VOD releases (under the title Blood Rave) that I missed and I heard lots of “BTS stories” that may have had to do as to why the film was never properly released. Well, my wait is over as it’s now on Amazon Prime (WATCH IT HERE). I was told they changed my script considerably and if go by the trailer – they had a lower budget then what I was told or the money didn’t wind up on screen (i don’t think it looks very good to be honest). But no matter – after 12 years, I can finally see what they did with one of my babies. So overlong unfinished business is about to be closed.

Synopsis: Sexy girls at a rave turn into bloodthirsty killers after taking a mysterious new drug.
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