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Arrow In The Head is John Fallon’s very popular horror movie site, one of the pioneers of internet film journalism, online since the year 2000. Check it out for all the latest horror reviews, news, celebrity interviews, trailers and total horror coverage. John retired from being the main reviewer on the site in 2016, but his presence is still there behind the scenes and the site continues to be as strong as ever.

Here’s what some horror personalities had to say about AITH.

James Wan (director-The Conjuring)
The Arrow wears his passion for the genre on his sleeves. His reviews are insightful, smart, witty, come straight from the heart…and oh, they’re also funny as hell!

Eli Roth (writer/director-Hostel)
Arrow’s reviews are as sharp as his name. The guy knows his shit, he’s a real movie fan who isn’t afraid to criticize the films that suck, yet one who can see the beauty in shitty movies that have great deaths and hot girls. My kinda reviewer.

Michael Davis (writer/director Shoot Em Up)
The Arrow rocks! His reviews are dead-on smart with writing so witty — he shouldn’t be writing about movies, he should be making them!

Todd Farmer (screenwriter-My Bloody Valentine 3D)
Housed within are some of the best horror reviews I’ve ever read. No sugar coating and no butt-kissing, if the Arrow doesn’t like it, he tells it like it is.

Eric Red (writer/director-100 Feet)
The Arrow is a full blooded horror site with some of the most intelligent, hip and on-target reviews of genre films on the internet.

Craig Perry (producer-Final Destination)
The Arrow is the reason I went through cinematic puberty. From insightful reviews to stinging commentary, no other movie source on the web delivers more to make you feel all warm and gooey inside.

Gary Sherman (director-Poltergeist 3)
It’s great to see a web site that understands and exults the horror genre, recognizing it as an alternative art form, rather than trivialize and demean it as does much of the critical media.

Mick Garris (director-The Stand)
The Arrow is a gleefully opinionated site that picks up where “Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In” left off. An obsessive’s guide to horrors both A and B.

AITH circa 2018.
AITH circa 2000.

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